15-year limited warranty

Elino undertakes to repair or replace all parts with a defect in material or workmanship free of charge for the first 4 years from the date of purchase of your pool. In subsequent years, each component will be assigned a percentage of depreciation, and the initial owner will be responsible for the costs according to the following scale:

  • 1st year: NO CHARGE
  • 2nd year: NO CHARGE
  • 3rd year: NO CHARGE
  • 4th year: NO CHARGE
  • 5th year: 55% OF COSTS
  • 6th year: 60% OF COSTS
  • 7th year: 65% OF COSTS
  • 8th year: 70% OF COSTS
  • 9th year: 75% OF COSTS
  • 10th year: 80% OF COSTS
  • 11th year: 85% OF COSTS
  • 12th year: 90% OF COSTS
  • 13th year: 92% OF COSTS
  • 14th year: 95% OF COSTS
  • 15th year: 97% OF COSTS
  • After 15 years: 100% OF COSTS

Note: The amount of replacement costs is equivalent to the suggested retail price in effect at our dealers on the date of replacement.

Warranty application

  1. The guarantee applies to the initial final consumer;
  2. The dealer is responsible for applying his own warranty for the installation of the product;
  3. For all warranty claims, please contact the following email address: [email protected].
  4. The warranty applies only to steel components supplied by Elino. All other components not supplied by Elino will be subject to their respective warranty.

Conditions and restrictions

The warranty applies:
  1. To any defect due to or resulting from the manufacturing process
  2. To the original purchaser of the new product and is not transferable
The guarantee does not apply to:
  1. Damage caused by the formation or movement of ice;
  2. Damage caused by fire or wind;
  3. Damage sustained during or attributable to transportation and unpacking;
  4. Damage due to improper maintenance, accident, mistreatment, improper use or negligence;
  5. Problems resulting from failure to follow assembly instructions or improper installation;
  6. Problems caused by animals, plants, blunt objects or vandalism.
The warranty does not cover:
  1. Labour costs related to the transport, removal or installation of any parts;
  2. Replacement of water and refilling;
  3. Replacement of chemical products;
  4. Any injury that may have been caused to an individual;
  5. Any manufacturing or material defect in the exterior siding;
  6. Any damage to the property and its installations (fence, patio, etc.);
  7. Parts that have been subject to corrosion, contraction, expansion, cracks or torsion, but continue to function properly;
  8. Any indirect damage.
The owner is fully and completely responsible to:
  1. Ensure full compliance with the installation instructions provided by Elino;
  2. Ensure that the instructions in the purchase contract provided by the dealer are followed;
  3. Provide proof of the original purchase date by means of an invoice or contract.

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